La Kata E.K.

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What I Do:

I am a professional freelance editor. I originally started out proofreading for a close friend in 2010. Since then, I began editing for her and many other clients. 

I mainly focus on spelling, grammatical errors, punctuation placement, proper word usage, readability, font change, repetition, and sentence structure. I also check character names for spelling and consistency.  If I notice other errors throughout an author's project, I will make a note of them and bring them to the author's attention.

I only edit computer files and they have to be saved with Microsoft Office Word.

When making corrections to your story, I use the Track Changes Tool in Microsoft Office Word. I do not edit anything other than stories and books; I  do not edit anything in the nonfiction genre.

If you are looking for an editor, please feel free to contact me for further information.

Why I Do What I Do:

I believe that all authors should be able to feel proud of their work. I learned the hard way how it feels when your work isn't edited properly; it is a very embarrassing and humbling experience. To avoid others out there having to go through what I did, I decided to become an editor. When your work is clean and error free, it builds the confidence needed within to be able to present and promote your work to the world.

I do not work for anyone because I thoroughly enjoy working for myself. My prices are affordable because I don't do what I do to get rich, I do it to make a difference.

As an author myself, I know how excited we can get to put our work out there, but please make sure you do it the right way. Take time to read over it, have someone else read over it, and then have someone go through and make all of the necessary corrections. Negative reviews about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the likes are complete blows to the system.

You are never in that much of a hurry or financial bind that you cannot take the time to have your work looked over.

Save your readers the irritation and save yourself the bad review; get an editor!
If you are interested in learning more about and/or even utilizing my editing services, please click on the following button.