Photos Photos 195374879 195376006 197539810 Shadow Kisses 195376005 199719791 How I look when I'm trying to figure out how to word my thoughts. No, I'm never "prettied up" when I write, I'm generally in lounging clothes or pajamas (as seen here). 199863687 ~When I write, I pour my very being into every word. It's like letting you look into my eye and seeing the very depth of my soul...~ 197539807 Framed Autographed Poem 195376002 Prayer Card 195376007 Wedding Magnet 195376009 His and Hers Matching Tees 197539808 199863688 199863689 200237808 Sketched Portrait This is REALLY major to me! I am beyond honored to have someone draw my portrait!!! Especially just because!! Teri is absolutely talented and I am humbled beyond measure that she chose me to draw!! #Artist #Artwork #Talent 200237809 Completed Sketched Portrait by TJS Grimm 204194476 I found this rather funny! 199863690 My All Time Favorite Poem 199863692 Instagram Share When complete strangers like your words enough to share them to their page. 202037513 202037514 Amazon Author Page 202171238 The Growth of a Writer Kindle Version 202171241 The Growth of a Writer Paperback Version 202171242 A Deeper Me Kindle Version 202171236 A Deeper Me Paperback Version 202171237 Treasure Chest Kindle Version 202171243 Teach Me Colors Kindle Version 202171239 Teach Me Time Kindle Version 202171240 Secrets Paperback and Kindle Version 203835889 After the Manuscript Kindle Version 204194475 After the Manuscript Paperback Version 204194477 My Banner 203835803 203835797 203835799 203835800 203835801 204707890 Keychains by Tamika Love 204211896 Mini Book Keychains by Elle Welch 204211897 Mini Book Keychains by Elle Welch 204211898 Mini Book Keychains by Elle Welch 204211899 Swag By BJ Pins that my mom made for me 204228555 Swag By BJ Necklaces that my mom made for me 204228557 Swag By BJ Key chains that my mom made for me 204228551 Swag By BJ Magnets that my mom made for me 204228556 Swag By BJ A notebook that my mom made for me 204228553 Swag By LEK Shot glasses that I made for an event 204707891 Author DeAndre Walker and I 204708508